Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Well, 12/12/12 is winding down, so it's time for a blog update.  Haven't been here since 11 of 11, you know. . .

I really tried hard today to capture 12:12:12:12:12:12 on my GPS unit's clock.  Missed it by one measly second, however.  (Take a look at the pic below in the upper right corner of the display.)  Ah, well, story of my life. . . always just missing something.

Another miss is that it's somewhat funny that I really enjoy writing, but often come up with "writer's block" when I sit down and want to update my blog.  Don't know why, especially with all the writing I've done in the past, even if it tends to be related to other topics.  Guess I'll just have to ponder that awhile as this Gregorian calendar day comes to a close.

Back later, hopefully in less than a year!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Where were you on this day in 1963?

I remember it vividly, I was a Freshman in high school. . .

We were out on the practice football field, working on our band's halftime show for the weekly football game when we got the news.

Shocked, stunned, disbelief, tears.

Mr. Perkins, our band director, gathered us all around, had us hold hands, then led us in prayer for family and country.

Not much in the way of academics for the remainder of school, but we all learned a valuable lesson about the fragility of life that day:

November 22, 1963


Friday, November 11, 2011

November Eleventh, Two Thousand Eleven

Well, well, here we are again, on another anomaly of the Gregorian calendar: 11/11/11.

Heck, I wanted to post this a 11:11:11 AM on 11/11/11, but work got in the way, as usual.

One more year of this next December, then we'll have to wait until 3003 to start all over again (03/03/03). Hold my place in line, won't you?

In addition, it's also Veteran's Day, where most folk take a few moments out of their busy schedule to honor family, friends, and loved ones who have or are serving in our Armed Forces.

My father served in the US Army Air Corps during WWII, spending most of his time stationed at Langford Lodge outside Belfast, Northern Ireland. While there, he met my mom on a blind date at a USO show. . .

Coming of age during the Viet Nam era, between a medical condition and my student deferment, I managed to miss that quagmire. Several of my classmates from High School never made it back. . .

Currently, my son is following his grandfather's footsteps, as Eric's currently serving in the USAF, now stationed in Colorado after a five-year stint at Spangdahlem AFB in Germany. And just like his grandfather, he met his bride overseas, altho Sarah was raised in Park Rapids, MN. They didn't meet on a blind date - my daughter Colleen holds that honor this time round - but served together on the base's Honor Guard (Sarah's also USAF).

So as the day's activities wind down, and late-evening reflection settles in, I'm thankful that so many gave so much so that the rest of us can sleep peacefully tonight.

Thanks, Dad! And Thanks, Eric & Sarah, for carrying on.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

October Tenth, Two Thousand Ten

Have been reflecting today on the fact that this is the tenth time in as many years that I've experienced a "once-in-a-millennium" date. Doing some crude math, it will be 14 generations from now that my family and peers will get to experience this phenomenon again. I wonder if there's some weird name for this date anomaly?

It all started, of course, with January 1st, 2001 : 01/01/01.

Today being 10/10/10, it means that we've only got two more years to enjoy this quirk of the Gregorian calendar before it becomes a footnote in our minds and current history.

Something to add to the bucket list, I suppose. . .

Odd how things like this pop into one's head while folding laundry!

Monday, August 2, 2010

The New Porsche

Well, everybody and their brother over on FB wanted to see photos of my new Porsche 914, I guess I should post one on the blog, too. So, here it is, my brand new car:

What can I say? It was on sale at Target for all of 89 cents - how can one pass up a deal like that on a Porsche??

'Twas a great gag, because I never said that it wasn't a real one, but that's what everyone thought I'd bought! Some folk even wanted to go for a ride!

Don't you just love a good joke??

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Now What?

Well, here it is, the tail end of July, and 2010 is more than half over. Somehow or another, the first decade of the new millennium has flown by, and it won't be long before the second one begins.

A lot's happened in my corner of the world over the last year, and it leaves me with the feeling of "what now?" Nothing bad, mind you, just life happening. Some of these feelings were brought on by helping Bev to move a bunch of materials home from the State Diagnostic Center, where she's stepping down after 30 years of service. Certainly puts a little different perspective on things.

Considering the overall state of the US economy, my little business is actually doing quite well. Lose one, gain two, lose two, gain one, as life takes different directions for my customers. A few major repairs have helped defray the increased cost of chemicals, but how long can one continue to charge 2005 rates with 2010 costs and still maintain a stable customer base - let alone pay for Obamacare?

Somebody asked me this last week about "really growing your business", which he defined as having 8 - 10 employees out making the rounds. I asked him if he wanted to babysit, which brought about a rather weird expression on his face. I waited until it finally "clicked" in his head what I meant, and then explained to him that if I was 35 years younger, I'd seriously consider the challenge. But I'm at the opposite end of the spectrum at this point, and having employees is not on my agenda. Sub-contractors now and then for oddball work that I don't/won't do, but that's about it.

I'd like to go see my son, his wife and their little boy while they're still stationed in Germany. We'd tentatively made some plans, but then the USAF told him he's got to go play in the sandbox for awhile, however they haven't given him any further details. That leaves him not knowing if he's coming or going, let alone when. I was hoping to make it over before the winter weather really sets in so he and I could enjoy a day at the 'Ring playing, They're scheduled to return to the Sates in February, so the window is rapidly closing, sadly.

I also want to make a trip up to see my daughter and her family in Kelowna, again before the winter weather really sets in. With the onset of home-schooling this year, there's somewhat more flexibility, just the challenge of working it in around the possible European jaunt and the fall trade show seminars. Be nice to spend some time with the grandkids, who are all growing up way too fast!

Have had a lot of fun over on FB with the announcement of the latest addition to my fleet, a green 914 Porsche. Everybody's dying to see pics, so I guess I'd better go buy some batteries for the digital camera. . . LOL!

Was going thru my storage unit late today, looking for cables to hook up a printer, and realized that I've got a ton of work to do to clear out all the "stuff". Everything from old car club newsletters to antique car parts makes for a huge chore, to say the least. And since I don't want the kids to have to sort thru it all someday by themselves, I'd better get started while I still can remember what everything is! Of course, it may end up sending me to the funny farm. . .

Ah, well, droopy eyelids tell me it's time to close this Miscellaneous Mumblings entry for now. More to come when the next batch of thoughts strike me - or my daughter nudges me, whichever comes first!


Monday, May 10, 2010


What a whirlwind month April has been.

So glad it's over, now to get back on schedule and caught up with all my customers.

Of course, you get started, and then the rain comes - heavily too, no less. A corollary to Murphy's law?

Murphy was an optimist, wasn't he??